Commercial Shore Loading and Scaffolding solutions in Auckland. Bell Scaffolding has 25 years’ experience in both services. By letting us handle both you will save time and money. We will make the process easy and hassle free for you.

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Why Us?

Safe, effective shoring is all about making the process of constructing multi-storey buildings easy.

Our combined 80 plus years of experience delivering quality shore loading solutions across the greater Auckland region makes it possible.

The important element in shore loading is the design process, assembly and application. Our expert team along with our comprehensive health and safety management system will ensure your needs are met on time, on budget, and without any hassles.

We’re problem solvers, not just product deliverers. We offer technical support, honest and responsive advice, and a full range of shoring systems.


We have the right gear for the right job, including:

  • HD Tower Frames
  • I Beams
  • Soldiers
  • LVL’s
  • Independent Professional (CPEng) Engineers

We’ll handle everything from design right through the assembly and dismantling process. Plus we bring an independent engineer to sign off each design and make sure it’s safe.

For a free on-site shore loading or scaffolding quote, call the shore loading experts today on 09 529 7883